How to Care for Your Copper Roasting Pan

How to Care for Your Copper Roasting Pan

The holidays are a stressful time for many home cooks, as
you are challenged to concoct a special and delicious meal for family and
friends who will gather in your home. One of your best friends in the kitchen
will surely be your cookware, and this is the time to prove that it was money
well spent to invest in equipment that will last you many feasts to come. But
after the hustle or bustle of making your Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts,
your copper roasting pan will surely have taken a lot of use and abuse from all
the cooking you’ve done. Now that the festival season is over, it’s time once
again to store your cookware ready for the next feast.

The first step to undertake before storing your cookware is
making sure that it’s clean. Not only should it be clean, but it must be
cleaned properly, and one of the things that will determine how to clean your
cookware is the material it’s made of.

For example, is your cookware dishwasher
safe? Should you scrub the inside of a Teflon-coated pan? Do you have pans made
out of copper or cast iron? It would be best to check out the care instructions
that the cookware manufacturer has for their product. Alternatively, you can
also refer to online resources that can tell you how to clean your cookware.
You may not realize that copper pots and pans need to be polished to prevent
tarnishing, or that cast iron pans need to be seasoned with oil before storage.
Also, a metal scouring pad may not always be the best way to get rid of
stubborn food particles on your pots.

The next step is finding a good place to keep your cookware.
Why? Because cookware can be damaged depending on how you store it. Some people
prefer having an overhead metal rack to hang pans on, which not only is
functional but a decorative element in your kitchen as well. However, you may
not be able to store heavier items this way. Other people prefer storing pots
and pans in kitchen cabinets, stacking them accordingly and dividing them using
paper towels or paper plates as liners to keep them from scratches. Also,
ensure that pots and their respective lids stay together, so you won’t have to
dig around looking for the correct lid that goes with which pot the next time
you’re cooking.

It’s also a good idea to store pots and pans according to
size and the frequency with which you use them. Copper roasting pans are
magnificent and may add a dramatic touch when you use them when serving food at
the table; however, you are less likely to use this unless it’s a special
occasion. Therefore, it may be a good idea to store it in a cupboard that is
out-of-the-way. Put the pots and pans you often use in a place near to your
stove, whether in a cabinet beside or above the cooking range or hanging above
your kitchen island.

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