How to make flavorful Roasted Pork Tenderloin

How to make flavorful Roasted Pork Tenderloin

Are you looking for a mouth-watering recipe for your party or for a casual dinner with your family or your friends that looks elegant but easy to prepare? There are so many choices in our recipe books as well as on the internet, but you can not decide to choose the best recipe. Since pork is always in the market, why not try the leanest and most tender part of a pig, the Pork Tenderloin.

How to make flavorful Roasted Pork Tenderloin

The secret for making flavorful tenderloin is to marinate it overnight with selected ingredients.

Why do we need to marinate it overnight?

Marinating is so important so that the pork will absorb the taste and the aroma of the special ingredients added.

What to do:

Prepare all the ingredients and materials needed.


Whole pork tenderloin, Garlic and onion, Lemon garlic, Herbs, Peppercorn, Mesquite, Honey mustard, Teriyaki, Seasoning



Marinating bowl


Combine all ingredients in the desired amount of each ingredient depending on your taste. Pour the combined ingredients in a marinating bowl where the pork placed in. Marinate it overnight. Roast it thoroughly. Garnish with sliced lemon as desired.

Tips on how to roast a perfect Pork Tenderloin:

Some tips for cooking pork aside from selecting the right cut of meat is to observe proper cooking time. Cooking times will depend on your cooking method. When roasting the Pork Tenderloin, the top thing to remember is not to overcook. Prolonged exposure to heat will result in tough and dry meat. Using a meat thermometer to test for doneness is a good idea. We recommend a range between 155-160�F to make it juicy, tender and safe. When roasted whole, trussing or tying the tenderloin is a good suggestion to shape and cook evenly.



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