How to Prepare Squash Soup for 6 People

How to Prepare Squash Soup for 6 People

Squash soup is easy to prepare and has a lot of nutritional value to our body. It takes only a minimum of 50 minutes to prepare this recipe. This is the easiest squash soup recipe to use while preparing.Squash soup recipe should contain all ingredients quantity and the method of preparation. Butternut squash is a plant which looks like a pumpkin. It is prepared in many ways including roasting, baking, cooking with other food or making soup. The soup can be prepared mostly for children or to be consumed with other food. The squash soup recipe below is for serving 6 or 7 people for dinner.

1. 2 pounds pre-cut butternut squash. Or one large fresh squash (7-8 cups cubed)
2. One roughly chopped red bell pepper
3. Two tablespoons sugar or more
4. 1/2 cup of heavy cream
5. Fresh thyme sprigs, for garnish (optional)

6. One roughly chopped medium onion
7. Three smashed and peeled cloves garlic
8. Seven cups of water
9. A pinch of salt
10. Finely chopped red pepper (optional)

How to prepare
1. Mix all the ingredients in a large pot except the heavy cream.
2. Cover and boil for 35 minutes.

3. Squeeze your soup until silky smooth. You can also cool the mixture and squeeze it in blender in batches and leave some space in the lid opener to allow steam out.
4. Bring the heavy cream to simmer while stiring in the mixture
5. Taste the seasoning. (You might add more sugar depending on how sweet the vegetables are
6. Put the soup in bowls and ganish with the fresh thyme springs.
The soup is then ready.
Nutritional information of the soup
Per serving (6 servings)
Saturated fat:5g
It is therefore very nutritional and should be taken regularly by anyone. The soup is also sweet and people might also opt to add other ingredients to add more flavor to their squash soup recipe. Children should also be prepared the soup since it is easily swallowed and has the nutrients they require

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