Pressure cooker

Pressure cooker

Many of us have little time to cook a good meal at the end of the day. Since it is not always possible to settle for a salad and not everyone likes, rightly, precooked meals, a tool that could be of great help is the pressure cooker. This type of pot was quite common in the 60s and 70s and is now coming back into fashion, although the system for closing the lid has been redesigned and is now screwable.

The main feature of the pressure cooker is that the hermetic lid provided with a safety valve allows creating a strong pressure, in fact, inside it. Increasing the pressure also increases the temperature inside the pot so cooking takes place more quickly than in traditional pots. The safety valve serves to vent the steam when it becomes excessive, thus preventing the pot from exploding.

What do you cook more often

If you are a vegetarian like me, you most likely eat a lot of vegetables to always be sure to assimilate the minimum amount of protein needed. The legumes such as chickpeas can take up to two hours of cooking following the traditional method. A pressure cooker reduces chickpea cooking at 15-20 minutes. In addition to the considerable time savings, the consumption of gas or electricity in the case of an electric cooker decreases considerably. In addition, I personally find that cooked foods are tastier.

To conclude, given the variety of pressure cookware models and the corresponding price differences that are sometimes considerable, when you want to buy a pressure cooker you should consider the options I just listed. In addition, it is good to know that buying an online one costs much less than taking it in the store.When you want to buy a pressure cooker, therefore, the ideal would be to think very well about certain factors in order to be sure to make the right purchase:


On the market, there are pots that start from 2 liters and reach a capacity of 12 liters. For a single person, 3 or 5 liters are more than enough even if, like me, you prefer to cook in abundance and freeze the ready portions of the various foods. If instead, you have a large family, obviously 5 liters are not enough. However, a larger pot can be used to cook less food;

There are pressure cookers in aluminum and steel. Aluminum is definitely lighter and cheaper, so an aluminum pot costs less than one in steel. However, aluminum may rust over time and is nevertheless a less resistant material than steel. In any case, even aluminum pressure cookers are well made, so the choice depends on how much you want to spend and if you are willing to buy a new pot after a few years;

Frequency of use

With the pressure cooker you can really cook everything from vegetables to roasts to fish. If you love healthy and fast cooking, you could even use it every day. In this case it is perhaps better to invest in a higher quality pot. On the other hand, if you think you’re using your pot, it’s rarely worth spending a lot of money;



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